PostEra provides update on progress of the Pfizer-partnered AI Lab

March 27, 2024

In January 2022, PostEra announced the expansion of its multi-target research collaboration with Pfizer, which included the formation of an AI Lab to jointly advance multiple preclinical drug discovery programs. 

The AI Lab aims to leverage novel machine learning for medicinal chemistry built upon Pfizer’s data, as well as PostEra’s pioneering innovations in generative chemistry and synthesis-aware design.

Since this announcement two years ago, one AI Lab program moved rapidly and achieved its first scientific stage gate 40% faster than the teams had initially forecasted. A second program made similar progress, combining PostEra’s AI technology with Pfizer’s data and in-house expertise.

Pfizer recently nominated a third target into the AI Lab in accordance with, and under the terms of, the parties’ existing collaboration agreement. 

Working together, our teams have been able to rapidly apply PostEra’s novel AI technology to drug discovery efforts, which may in turn help accelerate the identification of potential medical breakthroughs for patients in need,” said Patrick Verhoest, Head of Medicine Design at Pfizer.

Reflecting on the first half of the AI Lab, it’s been encouraging to see the partnership advancing with an additional target being nominated into the collaboration. We’re excited to further this research for the potential benefit of patients in the second half of the collaboration,” said Dr. Alpha Lee, PostEra’s Chief Scientific Officer.

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